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Huntington News Editorial:
Jesse Johnson Has Earned True Democrats' Support for U.S. Senate

Former Senator Mike Gravel endorses Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson answered six questions posed to him by members of The Register-Herald editorial board earlier this week ... read full interview


COMING SOON: Jesse's REpopulate Appalachia plan, including a TRUE Clean Coal technology that will put our miners back into the mines in a safe, responsible way!


Jesse Johnson addressing the Appalachia Rising rally in Washington, DC.

Watch Mari-Lynn Evans, executive producer of the documentary "Coal Country," reading a letter from the ninety-seven year old long-time West Virginia politician and supporter of the movement to end mountaintop removal, Ken Hechler. The letter from Hechler explained why he supported the September 27th actions organized by Appalachia Rising and also featured an endorsement of Mountain Party member Jesse Johnson, running in the West Virginia special election for the late Sen. Robert Byrd's seat. 

Hechler endorses Mountain Party's Johnson

Defeated Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Ken Hechler endorsed Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson at a press conference at the State Capitol Complex in Charleston, W.Va. Hechler lost the Democratic special primary race to Gov. Joe Manchin. Johnson and Manchin will face Republican John Raese in the November general election.

license-plateSome folks may ask why I am doing this; the truth is I am doing this to protect this. In a time of planetary upheaval, when Americans can hardly recognize themselves in their own mirrors and West Virginians struggle to find their way through an uncertain future, it is time for us to take action. I find, as did our beloved Sen. Robert C. Byrd, that the key to the identity and very survival of this nation lies in this document. Our Constitution is under fire from the national level to the state level. Not so much enemies foreign but domestic as well. This shall not be. Not as long as there is breath left in my body. I dare say as well, not for the venerated elder statesman who honorably held the office I seek, longer and more vigorously than any other in our nation’s history. I predict that this struggle will be an historic one and in its balance lays our very freedom as citizens. I come from humble beginnings and only one who has, can truly look out for the welfare of the sovereign citizenry that one is sworn to represent when they take the oath of office. I vow to uphold that understanding and love for the people of WV. Thank you and may God bless us Montani Semper Liberi. (Mountaineers are always free) I humbly ask you for your confidence of support. 

July 23 2010 
WV State Capital

Jesse Johnson for US Senate

Jesse 4 US Senate
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